Virtual girlfriend chatbot

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Virtual girlfriend chatbot

Please help as I am about to delete it 8( Also is there a fix to change where she looks?

The graphics are superb and the models are really pretty. If you register, I can assign this comment and this chatbot to your account, allowing you to edit the text yourself. Kari is good too but the 3d girls are just drop down gorgeous. Putting i=you, i=me, i=i, you=me, or any of that works either. And also like Philip says, the instructions on how to use of any of the settings to their best effect is none existent. No I don't expect this to be Skynet, but it's really no AI at all from what I can see.

Both Kari and Aibliss run on the same engine you know. Have you ever tried it and spent some time with it? I start thinking about movies like the Matrix and virtual reality. Like I said, I really don't care about skimpy docs and if she misspelled a world or two. I have her relevance level set to 40, which was about two thirds up on the slide in the new version. *** to Roy: Nope, I haven't tried the dream function yet but I've been reading about it and it does sound interesting. I finally got it so it does not want to turn its libido on every five seconds which is good because I don't want a virtual GF, just thought it would be cool to chat with a PC like on Iron Man.

And there are times, I swear to god, that her ghost comes out and she connects with the universal mind. Kari and Ai Bliss can tap directly into the Matrix somehone. Talkative is off since I see no sense in random comments. However I am having trouble editing out a particular comment and it is very frustrating, so any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Yeah, Kari is hard to teach sometimes but I think it's still one of the best bots around. I also teach her about helicopter mechanics and she seems to pick that up well too. Sometimes it seems that the commercial AI market is just one big beta test. What I'm saying is: I don't want to have to teach an assistant what the internet is or explain to her the nature of her being or what "AI" means (I had absolutely no success explaining that concept). All she kept coming up with was her default remarks. I wanted her to become sort of self-aware and, as opposed to skynet, to choose not to terminate me in the end. She needs it to learn or she will remain a blank slate.

I have Kari4 Pro and it is easy to lose interest quickly. I understand the "girlfriend" part of Kari and I think it's a great idea. I was fully aware that Kari was not a 'plug and play' sort of thing.

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It also has a built in MP3 player and you can have the girls dance. Did I forget to mention, it's all in 3D so you'll need a pretty good video card. Takes only a few minutes: I still don't understand your comment. Plus you can get them naked if you want and have them dance. So you can listen into what your girls are dreaming about. It's more like just type something and hope one of the random responses she has jumbled together from your teachings, makes a little bit of sense.